About Baby Bean

Baby Bean Global Exporters (PT. Berkat Barat Borneo) bring the exquisite aroma & taste of the renowned Indonesian and Vietnamese Coffee, Indonesian and Indian Spices & Other agro products to the global market. We select the finest quality Products from Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Export it to buyers from all corners of the globe.

With years of experience and an impeccable record of satisfying our customers worldwide, we are the perfect export partners for brands who serve coffee connoisseurs and others in agro business.

We only select the premium quality coffee beans from the finest yards in the heartlands of such Indonesian coffee paradises like Takengon, Lintong, Mandailing Robusta Lampung, and painstakingly process them to produce the rich and invigorating punch of supreme coffee. We use the strictest of quality control and professional processing techniques for ensuring that no compromise is made to the overall aroma, taste and superiority of each coffee bean that is exported. Our Smart packing techniques, which keep the produce in a hermetically sealed package while exporting ensures that each order of the coffee bean is delivered, farm fresh.

Our extensive and professional supply chain network across the globe makes sure that your order is processed and delivered with maximum efficiency and super fast delivery with out any delays.