Our Coffee Export Process

Baby Bean Global Exporters bring the exquisite aroma & taste of the renowned Indonesian Coffee to the global market. We select the finest quality coffee beans from Indonesia and Export it to buyers from all corners of the globe. Our Multi-step process of bringing the premium coffee beans includes:

Coffee Harvesting

We pick only the finest coffee beans from the yards and all the harvesting is done manually by hand to ensure only supreme beans are selected.

Cleaning & Drying the Harvested Beans

The harvested beans are washed and dried for making the process of hulling to reach the most perfection.

Shelling & Roasting the Coffee Beans

The dried beans are removed of their outer shell and they are made to undergo a roasting process, which complements the color and taste of the coffee beans. Then the beans are hulled to increase their surface area and are packed in to airtight containers.